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Category: Internet

I just heard about paid live service that Google has called Google helpouts. Can I have detailed information on how this works. From start to end. With payment info and steps to pay etc

Category: Chat/IM

In my clients Skype account there are hundreds of skype contacts. He wants to check and record the status of each contact, changes of their status. Also he wants to check the real status of the contacts. Are there any skype electronic checkers to perform such tasks and can we plug such facility to the skype.

Also can we use any skype electronic checker without contacts’ knowing?   


My Operating System is Windows 7 and I have here lots of PDF files that needs to be edited, mostly are text. Now the problem is I don't have any pdf editor, I only have here an adobe reader. Please help me download a free software for pdf editing. Thanks!

Category: Mobile Software


I was planning to buy a Samsung galaxy s when I will have my next salary. But I was thinking if there is a yahoo messenger for that console? I wasn't using Skype because I wasn't used to it. I' am a messenger user so as my other relatives. So please tell me if there is a yahoo messenger for Samsung galaxy s free download?

Category: Misc Software

Hi expert,

I use pcounter but I heard pcounter 2.70a released on March 10, 2013. What kind of new features are included in the new version? How can I get pcounter 2.70a free of cost? Please, tell me in detail as I can get it easily.

Thanks in advance

Category: Visual basic

I would like to change the skin of my Express Edition 2010 to have a personalized effect.  I want the application to blend in with the visuals of Windows.  Do I have to use DirectX or third party options?  How do I change skins for Windows application vbnet?

Category: JavaScript

Hi there.  I need help on something I'm trying to create.  I'd like to build a Java Script Flash MP3 uploader with customizable controls  on my website and MP3 ID3 tag info.  I'm using IE 7 on OS xp if that matters.  Can someone teach me how to create PHP js mp3 uploader for my website?

Hello Good Morning folks, How about lending a hand for a newbie here. My question is about the Ccleaner automatic update. How do you set it to download new update for the Ccleaner, does it update daily or anytime when there is a new update please explain & ways to set it up

Category: MS Visio


I am new to use this software Microsoft Visio. I need to learn about how to use an ESB and SOA Visio Stencils for my project. I got a perfect tutorial for ESB and I need to learn about use Visio SOA shapes in simple language. Please help me

Thank you

Category: Software Others


I have bunch of files that has the file extension of .wks at mo office. I can’t just open them in my PS. I have mac operating system and I tried to open them with almost all the applications. So is there a wsk viewer for the mac.

Thank you

Is there a wks viewer mac operating system to download free?