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My REDDATA USB 4g USB not recognized or not detected. I plug my USB in pc and the display messages come Found a new hardware. I close the display messages Then my USB is not recognized in my pc why?

There is a problem about my USB or what?

Please some one to help me….



Category: OS/2 Apps


When I start to use my computer, it always hang. My way to use my pc in is in the safe mode. What is the problem? Is it hardware or software side? I don’t know what to do?

Please help. Give me some assistance to solve my problem regarding this errors.



I have my two desktop computers, ACER and ASUS.

I upgraded one of my Computers which is the ASUS. I add 500GB Samsung hard disk,

But my computers did not detect the 500GB I added?

I check the cable it is ok.

What is the problem? My hard disk or PC

Please send me a solution or comment please.

I need help.



Category: Windows XP

Last saturday night I open my tree accounts yahoo mail, gmail, ym,

To  check.

While surfing in the internet.

I open my control panel to remove any necessary programs in my computer.

But I check the box above show update and I check it. I restart my computers to take

Affect the program that I remove in control panel.

After I restart my pc this messages show

Victim of software counterfeiting windows xp

What is this?

Please help me for some assistance about this

Last night, I create a photo show or slide show maker. I use wedding album maker. When I’m near to finish my slide show I think 98% to finish, then the messages show in the screen Runtime errors the slide show stop responding.

I close the application. Until now I can make a slide show for my customer especially in the wedding guest. What is the cause of runtime errors?

Please help me.



Yesterday, I plug my wireless Mouse and Keyboard in my Desktop to take effect I restart my desktop when booting up no errors in the screen but.

The keyboard and mouse are not functioning the Light of the mouse are ok. I cannot use my mouse and keyboard its because they not work properly Or functionally My OS XP PROFESSIONAL

RAM 512




Please help me.



Category: Desktops

I play KOS and RAGNAROK Online last night.

When I’m in the meddle of Playing online games.

My computer display BLUE SCREEN.

I restart my computer. Then my computer back to normal

On the next day I play again, then its appears a BLUE SCREEN again

So I restart it.

The blue screen appears over and over until now

What would I do????

Please give me some advise what should I do



Category: MS Word

In a last few days, my Microsoft office could not run or open.

Its beaus when I try to open the MS word there is a message display


I try to fix those errors using tune-up utilities 2011 but they could not fix the problem

Please help me to so solve the Problem  



Category: OS

In the fast few weeks, my computer runs slow.

When booting up it take 5 minutes to open.

So I run my ccleaner, no errors found. I use defragment to fix the errors in my system it is ok no errors found. But when I run my AVG anti virus they cannot run and my task manger are disable

Please help me to solve my problem

If you have a suggestion please till me or post mi a link



Category: Desktops

I used OS is XP SP2...

My Ram Is 512 MB...

The Problem is, my pc always restart by it self.
I don’t know what the
Last year.

As I remembered.

I have this same kind of problem.
but after a few month..the pc just seems to be good.

But now, the problem is back.
I’ve run my anti spyware and antivirus.

But both of them didn’t find anything suspicious.
I don’t what else I could do.

Please help me to fix the problem

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