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I am using Dell Vostro 1014 Laptop. My Operating system is Windows 7. Router is Dlink. I have changed router password with my Laptop. I have tried for a long time. But I cannot connect to internet. I cannot understand why the problem is going on after changing the password. Your help is needed.

Category: Mobile Hardware

I use closed user group service, in my mobile, which is allowed by my cell phone operator. That is why I can make calls for cheapest price within my colleagues.

Out of curiosity I have a question. Is there any solution, to call my colleague by dialing a short code digit (example-code can be a last 3 digit of the phone number).

If you're having the solution; how I can get to enjoy the facility ?

Category: iPhone

Last week I bought an iPhone 4 & I always like to be connected with internet. So maximum time in a day, I keep browsing websites from my phone.

I am however, confused regarding one thing. That is virus. My question is, is there have any probability for an iPhone 4 to be affected by virus?

Please help by giving a perfect answer.

Category: Networking

Yesterday night when I was chatting with my friends, many of my friends are talking about quantum computing. They are saying after few years quantum computing is coming. But I did not understand the quantum computing. Actually what is quantum computing or how it will work?