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Add my mails into Windows 8.1 tile

Windows 8.1 has the block where we can see the weather on the big title.

How can i get my gmail or yahoo mails show up on that tile?

Can i have the step by step for this please

Category: Windows OS

I received an error that the update is not applicable to my computer when installing the Windows 8.1 Update on Windows RT. How can I resolve this?

Category: Windows OS

I mounted the Windows 8.1 Preview and started the installation on my VirtualBox 4.2.14. But an error appeared during the process.

You can't install windows 8.1 Preview because your processor doesn't support CompareExchange128.

Category: Windows OS

I was excited to know that the latest Windows 8.1 update is free when running Windows 8. But also gets frustrated because since the release of this update, I was not really able to install it. I can download it fine and then when the Applying Changes screen is up, it will send an Error 0x80070057 and then the installation cannot proceed. I've seen a lot of bugs from this update from other users, and I am not really sure if Microsoft already release a fix for all those issues. Can anyone here help me?

Category: Windows OS

Since October 17 when Microsoft releases the Windows 8.1 update, I have been trying to install it on my computer but always ends up with Error 0x80240031 while downloading the update. And the process will stop on 50% of downloading. I am trying to download through the Windows Store and I am really annoyed with receiving the same error over and over. What can be the fix for this?

Category: Windows OS

I am receiving error when attempting to upgrade to the Windows 8.1 Preview. The error is stating that my computer can't run Windows 8.1. I attached the image error below and hope someone can help me fix it. Thank you.

This PC can't run Windows 8.1

We couldn't update the system reserved partition.

Category: Windows OS

I am trying to update to the latest Windows 8.1 Preview. I clicked on the Get the Update link and it says, "Unable to Connect". I am really frustrated about this update. And some time it shows the update is not available. I checked on my internet connection and it was working fine. I searched on the web for some solutions and found out more complains about this 8.1 update. What do I need to continue with the update?

Category: Windows OS

Hi Folks,

My office blocks me from accessing YouTube and others and none of the proxies work. So i want to disable my Lan and connect my iPHONE 5 with iOS 7.0 to my desktop with a USB wire and share my iPHONE 3G internet with my Desktop.

How can i do this. Can anyone give me all steps please.

I have a Windows 7 OS desktop


Category: Windows OS

Hi Experts,

I just got Windows 8.1 yesterday, and here i am with the error which is not spoken about on the internet yet.

Can anyone help me please

Something happened and Windows 8.1 Preview couldn't be installed. Please try again Error code:0x8007001f

Category: Windows OS


I have Mac OS X on my computer and lately I am getting an error as soon as my computer boots. I do not remember installing an application of late but maybe one of my friend’s did since I share my computer if need be.

The “open file” alert that was assigned to the event ™ didn’t run on 28 February 2013 because Block sites 8 hours New.app couldn’t be opened.

There was a problem with an alert.

The “open file” alert that was assigned to the event ™ didn’t run on 28 February 2013 because Block sites 8 hours New.app couldn’t be opened.