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Category: Windows OS

I think this is a new feature in my laptop with Windows 8 to change brightness as needed and i ant to disable this option

How can i disable Windows 8 to adjust automatic brightness?

Category: Windows OS

Disable the default SkyDrive in Windows 8

By default my OS has SkyDrive configured and i want to disable it

How can i do this?

I know we have many methods and would like to know all ways to do it

Category: Windows OS

Windows 8 not sure why forget wireless has been removed

How can i remove unwanted Wireless connections in Windows 8

Please give me the steps from windows 8 as well as dos

Category: Windows OS

Have my new Windows 8 and want to delete all unwanted files and Windows old files

How can i delete the old Windows installation files in Windows 8

Please give me with screenshots for Windows 8

Category: Windows OS

What are the top 5 Windows 8.1 issues?

Before i goahead and buy Windows 8.1, i wanted to know all the issues we still have in this version of OS

Whats bad that could have been better

Please list 5 to 10 issues


Category: Windows OS

I wanted to know all types of ways we can take screenshots of content in your system

Windows Xp and Windows 7 Operating systems

Please give me top 5 free and 5 paid ways of taking screenshots

Category: Windows OS

Hi All,

Below is the error i get when i try to activate 0xC004C4AA in Windows 8 operating system

Windows isn't be activated right now. Try activating Windows later. If this issue persists, contact Microsoft Customer Service and Support online to activate Windows.

Category: Windows OS

I want to access my home system from anywhere and anytime. I want to do this setup just once and be able to connect to my system always. Is there a one time setup that I can d and have a key to access anytime?

Category: Windows OS

What are the software and hardwares needed to record TV channels. I have a Laptop and wanted to have some of my favorite channels recorded as needed?

What will I need to achieve this?

Category: Windows OS

Windows 8.1 does not support Office 2003

Office is not supported in Windows 8.1? is this true

If true then what are the other ways to achieve this?

If possible then why do my Outlook mails stop now and then while receiving.

I have this issue after getting the Windows 8.1