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Hi All,

In Windows 8 when i try to access the Store i get this

"Your purchase couldn't be completed. Something happened and your purchase can't be completed. Error code: 0x8086000c"

Can anyone help fixing this



Category: Windows OS

Remove all properties info from images

I have loads of images and these images have the info of which camera i used and which dates i took them and many have the locations as well. I need to erase all such info from the images

What are the easy ways to do this on a Windows system and a way on MAC OS

I need ways with a tool and i know we have some manual methods to do this as well

Category: Windows OS

I have a new laptop and wanted to know how to create a new recovery disk

How to create a Recovery Disk for Windows 8 Operating system

Category: Windows OS


I am running the Mac Operating System and always get cancelled whenever I put Mac or OS X into the ad text. How can I solve this error message? Provide some suggestions with proper advice. I would be grateful to you. Thanks in advance.

Mac OS x has locked up unexpectedly and would like to ask that you restart your system

Mac OS x Advertising Violation

Mac OS x has locked up unexpectedly and would like to ask that you restart your system. We’re sorry for lying to you in our commercials.

Category: Windows OS

Can we control Windows 8 from a mobile phone?

What are the steps and gadgets needed to achieve this?

How can we do it and step by step info is needed

Category: Windows OS

My son uses my Windows 8 laptop and i wanted the top 10 things Kids would like

Not just Games rather anything good for kids below 10 years

Windows 8 best 10 APP's for Kids

Category: Windows OS

How to disable Bing search in Windows 8

I want to disable this and set my favorite search engine

Can i know the steps to achieve this?

Category: Windows OS

I think this is a new feature in my laptop with Windows 8 to change brightness as needed and i ant to disable this option

How can i disable Windows 8 to adjust automatic brightness?

Category: Windows OS

Disable the default SkyDrive in Windows 8

By default my OS has SkyDrive configured and i want to disable it

How can i do this?

I know we have many methods and would like to know all ways to do it

Category: Windows OS

Windows 8 not sure why forget wireless has been removed

How can i remove unwanted Wireless connections in Windows 8

Please give me the steps from windows 8 as well as dos