Top 10 Apps For Civil Engineers


A versatile application for structural architects was an uncommon locating. Notwithstanding, the quantity of applications that are accessible nowadays for structural architects has surged and will keep on doing so as designers understand the undiscovered capability of the building application showcase. The landing of applications implied for structural designers can significantly change the manner by which engineers approach exercises.

At present, android portable applications for the structural building include regions, for example, CAD and outline, estimation, venture administration, counts, gathering, design room and LEED and reference among others. Architects would now be able to work at a considerably quicker pace by tending to issues and imparting changes on the spot at the site as opposed to pulling back to this plan’s beginning point.

1. AUTOCAD 360

AutoCAD 360 is the portable change of AutoCAD programming. It not just enables you to see all the DWG/DXF documents on your Android cell phone or tablet. It likewise enables you to perform essential altering capacities. For example, extending a line, erasing a line from an arrangement, modify the measurements, drawing fundamental shapes, estimation, trading to PDF/JPG and so on.

Despite the fact that it might be a bit hard to play out the altering capacities on Smartphone, however, this application is an unquestionable requirement for each Civil Engineer.

2. Autodesk Force Effect

Autodesk Force Effect is an application that satisfies its buildup. Autodesk Force Effect is an amazing application with quick computations and loads of highlights. Clients can either draw a plan sans preparation and figure different power consequences for the outline or catch a photo and utilize the image as a foundation reference as different powers on the structure computed.
Another component of this application is its ability to figure powers for over-compelled frameworks. This application as well, in any case, does not include any cloud joining.

3. Civil SUTRA

This application is for the estimation of material amounts, for example, concrete, mortar brickwork and so on. This application additionally gives highlights, for example, Area adding machine and unit transformation.

It additionally enables you to ascertain the dead load, live load and minute with the rough esteem. A few highlights in the application which you may need to open by gathering coins or by purchasing their app. We prescribe this application to each considerate specialist.

4. Civil Engineering Pack

This application is by a wide margin the most far-reaching structural building and development number cruncher out there. Comprising around 574 number crunchers and converters, this application is fit for changing over supreme and metric units rapidly.

Some of its key highlights incorporate

– All number crunchers are accessible both in SI Units (Metric System) and USCS Units (Imperial System).

– The Complete scope of number crunchers and converters in Civil designing and development parameters.

– Automatic figuring and transformation of the yield as for changes in the information/alternatives/units.

– The formula’s accommodated every mini-computer.

– Values of higher Order can likewise be ascertained.

– Extremely precise estimations and changes.

– Professionally and recently planned UI that velocities up information passage, figuring speed and empowers simple review.


Quantity Estimator is another Cost and Estimation application for Android with an extremely easy to use interface. If you’re in the workplace or on the field.

You should enter the required measurements and values, and the application will give you an inexact cost and estimation of your undertaking. This application needs to upgrades, yet it is as yet a valuable application for each considerate specialist.

6. Solid Design

Solid Design is a to a degree device for experts and understudies hoping to decide the measure of support required a segment for both rectangular and flanged (T bars) bars. It works by tolerating inputs like material quality (yielding), redistribution factor.

The yields incorporate the uncracked and broke centroid of the segment, the uncracked and split the second snapshot of the zone (or the snapshot of inactivity), the splitting minute, and the versatile modulus of cement and the rigidity of cement.


As the name proposes, this application takes a shot at the guideline of Finite Element Method and is entirely helpful for the investigation. Examine complex bar structures or can play modular investigation. This application is valuable for auxiliary designers and is presumably the best free android application for general questioning.

If you have utilized some other helpful structural designing application kindly do tell us in the remarks area.


It might seem like an ordinary converter application, yet this Civil Calculator is intended for structural architects as it comprises of all the vital change units required in structural designing.

It is when you’re on the field for an overview and require a unit change in a moment.

9. Bearing Capacity FREE

This application was intended to esteem on configuration bearing protection of spread establishments with various shapes like rectangular, square, roundabout and strip footings. It is a helpful instrument for geotechnical engineers and structural specialists searching for speedy figurings on establishments. It is anything but difficult to use with an interface.

The application is likewise accessible in a paid variant which incorporates highlights like GPS bolster, Photo documentation and PDF reportage and dissemination through email and cloud programs.

10. Designing Libraries

Designing libraries taking in apparatus from Lets Construct, this application contains data on steel, rock, soil, wood and other center materials crucial to Civil designers.

This application is just about the ideal device to have when searching for quick and exact data. In any case, while utilizing the appliance we experienced issues as for data on welding. Shockingly, we couldn’t discover any announcements on this issue by the engineers anyplace.


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