Why Every Organization Needs An Augmented Reality Strategy

This is an era of AR or Augmented Reality which means much more than just 3D. There is a large difference between the treasure of digital data we have or possess and how we apply that in our real-time or physical environment. The considerable difference between the real and digital worlds keeps the ability to take advantage of a plethora of information that is produced by billions of smart, connected products (SCPs) all over the planet.

What actually is Augmented Reality

There have been apps in the world that support AR  for a considerable time, the technologies that are required for the AR-enabled apps to touch the sky has been available only recently. In simple language, the AR converts large amounts of data and analysis into pictures or animated films that could be felt and seen in the real or physical world.

There have been available apps that involve the use of simple AR technology like Snapchat filters and Pokemon Go. There exist many car companies that are preoccupied with AR with which the system informs the driver of the possible collision that could take place also the feature of navigation adds up in advancement.

AR also aims to convert the massive amounts of data which mean large amounts of unstructured data to more structured and more arranged form. The delivery of this structured data is what makes all the difference which we could feel in real time. A remarkable example could be the AR heads-up display, the person driving can surely use GPS systems if  he gets stuck in a heavy traffic  and he has to look at the road and then find the best route for the exit where the user has to do a lot of mental calculations which really mind storming and then link them with one another but when AR heads-up  come to play they display the visual of the route by projecting on the screen, where it is easy for the user to draw to a final result.

There has been a lot of advancement of AR in consumer markets also to our surprise it’s larger and more accurate effect can be seen in the industrial setting. The U.S Navy aircraft carrier manufacturing firm is worth mentioning here, in historic times the engineers used to compare the real-time structure with a 2-d blueprint but with the help of AR, they are able to visualize the final design superimposed on the ship. This reduced the time spent 36 hours to just 90 minutes, which is very time-saving. Overall time savings account to about 25% with the use of AR.

With the help of AR, we can not only visualize control modify the data as well. These AR devices can also transmit what an onsite user is seeing to the person who is sitting far away regardless of the location.

Earlier buttons knobs etc. were brought into use as the means to interact with the technology then the technology advanced and touch screen interaction was developed following voice command but the AR shoots it to the next level with the help of gestures as well as the gaze of the person on could control certain functions.

We can draw an easy conclusion to all this that every company or independent organization must equip with the latest available AR strategy as to advance in time as it’s time-saving and also cost-effective.


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