Top 10 Best Chess Software


Chess is a very old and interesting game for a very long time. It has considered being as important as a battle in ancient times. Now we see games and tournaments of chess even in the Olympics and in the Commonwealth games. It is natural that many people are attracted to it and like to learn and become an expert in it.

Here we have listed the top 10 best software that will train you to become a professional chess player.

Stockfish 9

This is the top-most chess engine software achieved to be the grand-master in chess training. It is an open-source engine that is supported by various platforms. The reason for stockfish to be on top is that, apart from being a good trainer, it is completely free of cost. This software has also won many of the chess championships since 2014.


This is a chess engine software that trains and analyze your game and helps you to be better. It has a different position style as it believes in the evaluation and this has resulted to be a growth factor for many of its users. The Komodo 12.3 version costs $59.98 and if you do a one-year subscription you will get it in $99.98.

Houdini 6

This is called the most romantic software in the history of chess. This is because, it finds the attacking moves as trained in chess to be crucial, and is rather turned to be devoted to sacrificial moves. From 2017 this is rated amongst top 5 chess software.

Fire 7.1

Fire initially known as Firebird is another free software to enjoy chess. It as was designed as open-source software in the first place, but now it is limited to only Windows, and you can find it with every new Intel core.


This software, as you can guess by the name, will make you master in chess playing. It trains the beginners by first training about all the pieces and their moves. It gives you different levels of difficulty as you take one step ahead. It also had a fun mode in which you can choose for the initial level. You can play with this in windows with Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo.


This is an account managing software, and also, it has many training videos and also an “assisted calculation” feature by which you can analyze possible moves for a piece and then can apply the best one. This software has three pricing plan, developer plan- which is free, standard plan- this costs $60 per month, and premium plan- $500 per month. Every higher plan has a much more exciting and advanced feature, which will make you perfect.


This is a UCI made and approved open source chess engine software. The framework it uses is the alpha-beta framework. It is inspired by the top chess engines like stockfish and Houdini. It is encrypted with many of the training tools and will help you to improve your skills.

Lucus Chess

This is a windows software providing free training to its players. It will help you to play against any chess engine software. It is also a very convenient software for children as it features a non-competitive mode by which they can learn chess by enjoyment and fun.


This is an online chess training software that can be played in all the browsers. It will not only train you to become an expert player but also will help you to participate in some different online tournaments, and it will also provide you your performance analysis while you are playing. To create an account in Lichess patron, you just have to pay $5 per month.

Deep shredder 13

This software is a complete package of chess training. As per your level, you can adjust to the game, and shredder software will adapt your game skills and improve them by guiding during the game. You can also have fun with 1000 chess puzzles, practice games, and your own game examiner.

The above-listed ten software is the latest and accessible “gurus” for chess. They will not only train you from the bottom line but also will help you to explore by playing in tournaments.


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