Printing a Part of the Page in Web Explorer, Word and Excel


Printing a Part of the Page in Web Explorer, Word and Excel

To print only part of the page in Web Explorer/ Microsoft Word/ Microsoft Excel, please read below:

Have you continually gone to a website and felt that you simply wished to print only the first part or half of the page?  You realize that, in the website, the juicy text that you want is sandwiched between a frame of links or ads on both ends. You do not feel the need to print everything. And if you do print the entire page, majority of the time, the printer would interrupt the part of the website that does not exactly match the 8.5" x 11"page size, typically pruning the text that you need.

Or maybe you only need to print a part of Word document or Excel spreadsheet; and you do not want to print the whole thing.

The steps are given below:

At first, highlight the text that you wish to print. Then, go to File > Print. In the Page Range section, choose Selection. Next, print your choice from the page. Afterwards, the text or texts that you want will be printed.

This tip works in Web Explorer, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.


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