One Cause of Computer Lag


One Cause of Computer Lag

Not everybody is a computer wizard. Most people own a computer without enough knowledge for maintenance. There re those owning a PC with the latest Operating System but because of seldom maintenance and checking, it functions poorly, such like constant lagging. There are many reasons for this occurrence, and one is the residence of an unwanted software in your computer system. These unwanted software's came from our downloads,

Mostly the free ones. It rides with the main software we downloaded and we unconsciously run this on our computer. When you encounter such annoying lagging, do check your control panel for any unfamiliar installed applications. Unfamiliar as I call since you did not run such app on your computer. Uninstall it and check your PC performance by opening a new tab on your browser. You will notice an improvement right away. Mostly, these unwanted applications are desktop instant messengers.


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