Tips For Resolving Internet Connectivity Problems In Windows 7


Tips For Resolving Internet Connectivity Problems In Windows 7

What’s Causing The Problem?

There are many errors that might lead to internet not connecting. You need to know the cause of the internet disconnection so ask yourself; was the internet connecting before? If you were accessing the internet before, the following are the things to consider:

  • Is your internet connection wireless or wired?  Assuming you were using wired connection, you need to check if your Ethernet cable is connected well with your PC, if it’s connected well and you cannot still be connected to your previous network, you then need to check if the local area connection is disabled. To check if its disabled click 🙁 Control panel>Network and Sharing Center>Change adapter settings) . Check out the screenshot below to see where to enable LAN.
  • If your previous connection was wireless you need to ensure that your wifi button is on and if it’s on you select which connection you want to connect to from the list of available networks or your dial-up connections. Click the icon:-       After clicking the icon which is normally placed on the system tray/taskbar (right hand bottom corner), the list available networks will appear and you will be required to selected one of the networks.
  • Is your network connection secured or not? You will need to know if the network you were using is secured and for example if it a wired connection you will require the network administrator to give you the IP configuration settings while if it’s a wireless connection of which many wireless networks are secured using password authentication, you will also require the network administrator to provide you with the password.
  • Is your antivirus or Firewall software configured properly? Your firewall program may be blocking programs from accessing the Internet. If you do not know how to put exceptions, consult the developer.
  • Did you recently format and re-install windows? When you format and re-install windows the new installation might be lacking the necessary software drivers for the networking hardware and thus resulting to the internet disconnection problem. In this case, there are two things you can do. If your hardware devices came with manufacturer’s CD software, you can install the device drivers again. Otherwise, you may have to consult the manufacturer or vendor for the software. In most cases, though, you will be able to download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website directly.

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