Domain name selection – Embedded Keyword For Best Internet Visibility


Domain name selection – Embedded Keyword For Best Internet Visibility

Planning to build a website or a blog ? There are several names you can choose from. Getting your reputation high on the search engine listings can be easy enough if you're selecting good quality keyword as your website or blog name. Now how are we going to select the keyword ? Google out the word “Keyword”. Open up the free Google keyword tool & type the relevant words, related to your blog / website. For example if you're going to write a blog on game walkthroughs.

Type the word Game review blog or game review website on the Google keyword website, lifting all the conditions. The result will show up couple of results based on your keyword categorized on the basis of highest global & monthly searches. The results can also be filtered if you plan to bias the area of search. The name having intermediate & more than intermediate number of searches can be effectively chosen with a third word that uniquely defines your website. This is the basic way to choose Domain name. After you choose a name, search for it's availability on the internet. From the SEO perspective this ideally can be a good start for your search engine rankings when you start getting good traffic. Overall the name should be simple & describing your purpose behind making the website / blog.



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