Zip file problem in my pc, please please please help me

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I protect some zip file using password.

But after some day i do not remember password.

How to remove password in zip file?

 Please give me a solution.

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Zip file problem in my pc, please please please help me


Hello Nahid,

Well the only way you can recover your password is by downloading a password recovery tool.

The length of the password here is also an important consideration. Though some of the Password recovery tools are free while some are not. If your password is five characters dictionary word it can be recovered quickly but if its 8 digit complicated then it might take a bit longer depending on the strength of the password.

I would suggest you to go for Advanced Zip Password Recovery tool which is a free software and works pretty well without hassle.

Here is the link to download it

Hope it helps,


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Zip file problem in my pc, please please please help me


This is totally the bad side of applying a password on compressed files like in a ZIP file. Because if ever you forgot the password you applied on the file, you’ll be opening the lock with your fingernails. That’s how hard it is. I have already tried recovering the password on some of my ZIP files but I can’t stand the time it consumes to extract the password out of the file.

Even if you use the fastest password recovery program for ZIP files, you will still end up sleeping while waiting for your password to be cracked open. Almost all programs are using the same techniques when extracting the password out of the file. Most common techniques used are dictionary and brute force attack.

Doing the recovery using dictionary method is the least successful because it only relies on common keywords contained in a text file. The most effective method is done via the brute force attack and this is also the most time consuming method. You can try your luck on recovering the password using Appnimi ZIP Password Unlocker.

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