Zalman ZM-RSSC External USB 5.1 Sound Card

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I want to know more about sound cards before buying. Can you please provide me information about Zalman XM-RSSC USB 5.1? What are the specifications of this sound card? How beneficial is it to use an external sound card rather than internal? How much is it in the market? Can you tell me how to install it? What are the ports available for this sound card? Does it include any connectors? Does it provide controllers? Can I improve an edit it settings using its software? Please provide information about this. Thank you!

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Zalman ZM-RSSC External USB 5.1 Sound Card


Hello Young!

The Specifications of Zalman XM-RSSC USB 5.1

1.    External Type

2.    USB

3.    Sonix 5.1 Sound Channel

4.    3 Volume Controls

5.    Built-in Amplifier

6.    Digital and Analog output

7.    Plug and play USB interface.

8.    3.5 mm output (3) and 1 digital port.

Using this sound card gives you extra space for your tower and instead connect other device that can be of good help for you. This 5.1 Channel sound card uses less power and memory consumption. The price is $54.98. This is a plug and play device so it will automatically work and be configured with your computer. This also includes utility cd so if your need the driver you just need to plug in the cd in your ROM tray. It is simple to connect this device. Connect the 3-pronged connector to the 3.5 mm ports. Next connect the USB cord to your computer and you can test any music and play. You can connect this also to any 5.1 channel stereo systems and laptops.

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