Solution To Stservice Exe System Error

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When I start the PC, an error message is displayed: The program can not be started because of stservice exe system error on your PC. How can I solve this problem?

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Solution To Stservice Exe System Error


In this case, there is a risk for serviceperperper.exe service and Windows for STService.exe errors and even a malfunction.


  1. Restart your system in safe mode with the network.
  2. Open your antivirus or antispyware program.
  3. Perform a complete scan of your system.
  4. After the scan is complete, isolate or remove the detected malware.
  5. Restart your system.


Many device driver problems, conflicts, and vulnerabilities can cause unexpected problems, such as STService.exe error. Drivers are a software system that Windows systems can talk to and provide instructions for hardware devices. Although the drivers eventually work properly, problems arise the next day. Upgrading your drivers can be one of the reasons your system stays healthy.

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