F&D Bluetooth Speakers and Degraded Sound Quality

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I am using F&D Bluetooth speakers, for few weeks it worked really fine, but now the quality of sound through the speakers, have degraded a lot, has it something to do with the Bluetooth problem of cell, or with the quality of speakers? F&D technical staff refused to say anything. Please Suggest.

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F&D Bluetooth Speakers and Degraded Sound Quality


Hello Danielle!

There are several ways to resolve your speaker issue. Every steps are worth trying, so try all steps to make sure you’ll get better output.

If you’re using a Laptop or Desktop.

1.  Bluetooth devices will have better reception if they’re much closer to one another.

2.  Turn off your Bluetooth speaker. On My Computer/Computer, right-click and select “Manage.”

3.  A new window will open “Computer Management.” On the left side of the window, select “Device Manager” and lists of your hardware will appear in the main part of the window. Look for “Bluetooth” device (s), right-click and select “Update Driver Software.”

4.  After successful update of the Bluetooth driver, restart computer. Turn on your speaker.

5.  Go back again to My Computer/Computer, right-click and select “Manage.”

6.  Select “Device Manager,” right-click on “Bluetooth” device listed and select “Disable.”

7.  Wait for few seconds. Right-click again on the same device and select “Enable.”

8.  Check if you will get better reception than before.

If you’re using Cell phone/Android Device or IPhone.

1.  Go to “Menu.”

2.  Select “System Settings.”

3.  Look for “Bluetooth,” switch off. Turn off your speaker also. Wait for few seconds turn back on your Bluetooth device in your smartphone and turn on speaker.

4.  Update your Bluetooth driver for Android or IPhone.

Interference may also affect the connection between your computer and speaker.

1.  Make it sure that it is better to relocate your WiFi router if it’s too near your speaker.

2.  Cordless phone must be kept distance also.

3.  Make it sure that the speakers are four (4) to six (6) inches away from the wall to avoid sound reflections or feedbacks.

4.  Adjust also the volume levels from your computer/smartphone and also in your speaker.

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