Yahoo is not supported in Opera 11.11

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I am facing problem in opera.

I cannot use yahoo mail. What can I do?

Can I use another browser?

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Yahoo is not supported in Opera 11.11


Your browser is Opera mini 11.11 is slow browser. Yahoo! Is a well known search engine and Yahoo! Mail is well known mail. Now Yahoo upgrade their facilities They are now trying to attract their users.

Opera is slower than any other browser. Such as: Mozilla ,Internet explorer.  Etc. Yahoo works very well in Mozilla Firefox 3/4/5. Yahoo! Recommended Firefox 5 nowadays.

You can download Mozilla from or Mozilla’s own site. After Downloading Mozilla Firefox in your PC install it. Use it as your default internet browser. But there is a problem in the latest versions of Mozilla. They do not support many plug-ins. So to use plug-ins you can install old Mozilla Firefox such as 3.6.

I think you got your answer.

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Yahoo is not supported in Opera 11.11


I think the reason why you said you cannot use or access Yahoo! Mail with Opera browser is because of extreme slowness. And if this is true then the reason for this can be associated with your network’s speed and with the website itself, Yahoo! We all know that Yahoo! is one of the pioneer and leading website since the internet was introduced to the public and became popular.

And as years pass by, I know you also noticed that the website is actually becoming slower compared to other websites like Microsoft, for example, which is not very far in terms of age.

Like also in our office, there are times accessing Yahoo! is extremely slow and to think we are already using DSL. And if this is what’s happening to you, don’t be surprised. But if the problem is already extreme to the point that you can no longer access a link then you should check with your Internet Service Provider.

And also the one you are using, Opera 11.11, is really old. I know it is not the latest version but the one I’m using right now is Opera 12.15 and your version is really outdated. This is also probably one of the reasons why your browsing speed is extremely slow. To download the latest version, visit Opera browser.

There is also no problem if you wish to use other web browsers other than Opera. There is really no conflict with Yahoo! since it supports major web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Maxthon, Safari, and so on. Yahoo! doesn’t limit itself by supporting a particular web browser for viewing the site.

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