Could not copy this file error on Win XP

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Hallo every one,

i am dandon,i have a problem so i ask a questions in this web site. I have a desktop computer. my configuration is "Intel core 2duo,1 GB ram,320 hard drive. when i try to give XP operating their create a problem. computer show me a message"could not copy this file"So i don't give XP operating in my computer. I find the problem in my boot configuration but there have no problem. I also try next time but no feedback come. I can't use my computer. I am very excited but i don't understand what can i solve this problem?Please give me solution very short time.



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Could not copy this file error on Win XP


Dear Dandon,

Please check the following steps. I hope you will find your solution:

First of all, make sure that the CD or DVD you brought form market is good. No scratch on it. No file missing on it. Make sure that the CD or DVD ROM you are using is good enough. Make sure that is not old. It likes the CD-ROM could be corrupted.

Then check the DATA cables and the POWER cables. Make sure that they are installed properly. Then try to give the XP again. If you have another Windows XP CD you could try and make sure that your CD or DVD ROM is not bad.

If you still have the problem, than check your RAM status. Go to the BIOS menu. For this, press DELETE button or press F2 from keyboard repeatedly. The BIOS menu will appear. Check that the RAM you are using and the shown memory is right.

Then try to install XP again. This time, delete all partition. Make new partitions. Then select the drive you are going to install operating system. Format it by using NTFS format. I hope you will be able to install XP.

If you still found the message, please check your RAM by using Memtest (A software of Microsoft company). You can buy it in the market.

If you are unable to complete installing windows, make sure that your PC is not affected by overheating. For checking, please go to the BIOS menu and there you will find a option named “Hardware Monitor”. Make sure that your CPU temperature is not over 90 degree Celsius. If the problem is an overheating issue, please make sure that the cooling fan and the heat sinker you are using that is working properly.

If you face the problem still now, then replace your Hard disk and try again.

I hope you will find the solution. Still now you are in trouble, I’m sure that your motherboard is damaged. Please contact with your service provider.

Thank you

Adam Smith

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Could not copy this file error on Win XP


The most likely cause of that problem seems to be with the CD-ROM. It is possible that the CD-ROM that you are using is corrupted, or it has some other problem. You will need to check if you have another Windows XP CD you could try, and then try doing the installation again. In the case that you delete all the partitions, then you will need to redo them using the NTFS file system, but then make sure that you do a full format. Once you have done that, then you can try again with a new CD that should work.

Or the problem may also be as a result of a faulty memory or over clocked processor, and therefore you will need to check that and rectify.

-Clair Charles


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