Is Xlite free or does it need a LOAD?

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Hi, I am curious about Xlite.

My boss wants me to use this one to call US.

Does it need load?

I already download one but does it guarantee me to call free?

Do you know how to activate it for me to call free?

I am very curios.

I have to start working and my boss said I have to think a way to call US.

He said Xlite should be but I can't call.

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Is Xlite free or does it need a LOAD?


Dear friend,

Xlite is free to make calls internationally. It is used to make calls landline, internet calls, mobile, or iPhone calls. Is free soft phone software. To use the Xlite software, it is recommended for only two way calls but not three. To make it work please check if you have done the following:

1. Download the software.
2. Install it
3. Restart computer
4. Return to this page to proceed with the steps
5. Run the software and restart the computer again.
6. Return to this page again
7. Set up the audio devices
8. Setup SIP details
9. Enter details
10. Make a test call
11. Finally make you first free call.
The only Xlite software that is not free is the eyebeam and the Bria. These two are the only ones that need to load credit to call. The only advantages that come along with these two features is that security is guaranteed and it contains additional features.


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