XAMPP Hostname Error 001 Description

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I am using XAMPP for my web server service running on mac snow leopard. When I finish some re touch of my web page, I want to look at its final view, as I start XAMPP, the error message box was displayed on the screen, it suggested that hostname error 001.



I am very new in using MAC machines and snow leopard OS, that is why I have a hard time solving this issue. As my first approach to this problem is to re install the whole package of XAMPP.

After re installing, I try to start XAMPP, but same error welcomed me. I don't have any idea now to where shall I check this error and fix it. Please guide me solving this error.

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XAMPP Hostname Error 001 Description


Dear ballynolst,

To check your problem just follow the following steps.

Step 1 – Open up Terminal.app and type hostname:

foo:~ larry.gordon$ hostname
foo:~ larry.gordon$

For me I gets something like this: foo.local

Step 2 – Now open up System Preferences.app.
Step 3 – Click on Sharing.

At the top you will see Computer Name: with an input field to the right of it. If the computer name differs from the hostname then this is your problem. You can do 1 of 2 things.

1. You can change your computer name to match your hostname.
2. You can change your hostname to match your computer name.

To change your computer name

Step 1 – In System Preferences.app > Sharing change the Computer Name to match your hostname (exclude the .local as this will automatically be added to your hostname.

Step 2 – Log out or Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

This will surely solve your problem.

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XAMPP Hostname Error 001 Description



I believe this error usually occurs when the changes are made to the security settings.

I received a similar error when I tried to change some settings at this location: (sudo /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/xampp security).

Every time the prompt occurs quit the application and try again. If the problem still continues refer to this location and continue the attempts (sudo /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/xampp start sudo /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/xampp stop).

I hope this information is useful to your purpose.

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