Working with 2 LAN Cards with different IP Addresses

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Hello friends,

We just setup a new additional LAN Card in our POS system. The old LAN Card was used for network connections, for sales text file sending to Mall Admin which has a static IP address assigned by mall admin. Now we are going to connect a DSL internet connection.

But the problem is the ISP will be requiring us to connect to their DHCP server. Their solution is, for us to install another LAN Card for the internet connection but when 2 LAN cards are enabled, we can only use the internet but we can't connect and send sales file to Mall admin.

What we are doing is, to disable the DSL LAN Card so we can send the text file. Our personnel sometimes, forget to disable and sometimes they disable the wrong LAN card.

We want to have 2 LAN card enabled and working simultaneously.

Thanks a lot.

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Working with 2 LAN Cards with different IP Addresses


Hi Nancy!

  • It seems that your network connection, with the mall admin is port to port, wherein every tenant or network port has its own gateway address.
  • Anyways, since you have 2 LAN Cards with different IP addresses and different gateways for both LAN Cards, you are encountering, "Request time Out" reply when you ping for connections, to your other LAN Card.
  • Now what we will do is, to add a TCP/IP route to the Windows routing table of the server where the other LAN Card is connected. Please take note of the command and also please take note of the server address, where you send the sales text file.
  • First get down the IP address, Subnet Mask and Gateway of the LAN Card properties connected to the Mall admin. Also take the server IP address, where you are sending the sales text file. You can ask the mall admin for it.
  • For example you have this configuration for your LAN card connected to mall admin.
  • IP address:
  • mask:
  • Gateway:
  • Server IP Address:
  • Open command prompt and run this command:
  • route add -p mask
  • Just replace the number, depending on the IP addresses you have. Also you can save this command in the notepad and save it as batch file ex. route.bat Then just create a shortcut in your startup folder, for the command to run during startup automatically. Test it by enabling, both LAN Cards and ping the server address of the mall admin.
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Working with 2 LAN Cards with different IP Addresses


If you are using two LAN cards, they will react as a router device and in your case it seems you are going to apply it. Any how if you are using two cards, then you have to assign different IP to both of them.  Also if they are connected to same server check their gateway addresses.

But the major problem is, what kind of connection you are using to connect them.  If you are using a switch/hub, then what is your connection type and how do you manage your network. To see this, see that your "DSL" line is not directly connected to your PC but it is coming to your switch. Also if you are sharing both of connections, check that both are combined in a switch not in a PC. 

Ok I think it will help you.

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