Work and example for sniffer

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What are wireless sniffers?how do they work  and what do they do?

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Work and example for sniffer




Wireless sniffers are programs that are especially build for scanning channels used by WI-FI and LAN.

They also control packets of data on any channel of WI-FI and LAN.

These programs can diagnosis LAN.

It’s like an intermediate tool which receives results from adaptor.

To know more about Wireless sniffers click on the link.

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Work and example for sniffer


Hi Shammi75,

Wireless sniffer is one kind of device that can scan the channels of wireless LAN connection.

It generally diagnoses and monitors utilities of any wireless LAN. It captures and analyzes the records and the transmission packets of a channel. There are two system used by this device for detection of any WiFi Network.

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