Pros and cons of using WEP or Wifi Networking

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Our office is experiencing very slow internet connection and I learned that we are networking via LAN or WEP.

I have been thinking of presenting the idea of connecting to the internet thru Wireless LAN or Wireless Networking but I do not know if using WiFi would make the internet connection faster and if the network would still be secured as that with WEP.

 I would like to know the pros and cons of WPA and WEP.

Thank you and more power!

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Pros and cons of using WEP or Wifi Networking


Hi Allisonknowles,

Allow me to start my answer with an advice of not to use WEP encryption because for me it creates a fake feeling of security and below is a little clarification of WPA compared to WEP.

WiFi Protected Access (WPA) is a security standard adopted by the WiFi Alliance consortium.

The level of security offered by WPA is way much more than that WEP can offer as WPA uses Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP). which is designed to cover the flaws of WEP encryption. that means that every building block of WEP is still present in TKIP, but a new corrective measures are added to overcome security problem. WEP used Weak initialization vector (IV) values which are very susceptible to attack. WPA don't use those known weak values. Secret key is also changed with every new packet, Even the scrambling of the secret key is way more complex.

A previous WEP attack demonstrated that WEP encryption can be broken in 3 minutes proving that it is not even worth it to use WEP encryption to secure your connection.

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