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Please I had to format my computer and windows did not give me drivers when I was installing the new windows.

Please the names of my devices do not appear on my pc in order to download my drivers.

Please how do I make the names of my video, LAN and wireless cards appear

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Hello Stinky,

You Didn't give enough info about your machine like what version of windows you have installed and make & model of your motherboard. So i am going to give you a general idea about what you should be doing with your pc.

From Your Motherboard CD

Every pc comes with a motherboard installation disk. All those drivers will be on that disk – do you have it?? Insert that CD in your CD rom and a Popup window will appear telling you to install the required drivers. Install the drivers one by one and restart your machine when prompted. I am sure you will get the names of your video,lan and wireless card back.

If the popup window does not appear after inserting the motherboard cd, do not worry. Go into Device Manager and, for each of the exclamation marked devices (one at a time) right click then left click on Update Driver select not to go onto the internet, choose "Select from a list or specific location" .Then click "Next". The process should start automatically and the driver be loaded. The yellow exclamation mark should have disappeared from the device just updated and you can do the same for the next one.

If You Do Not Have The Motherboard CD

If you do not have the CD but know the make & model of the motherboard, you have to go to their website and download all those drivers and install them. You might have to pay for the drivers. If the drivers are not available on the website (or if you are not willing to pay), look up in the internet. It might be available somewhere else.

If You Do Not Know The Make or Model of Your Motherboard

This is difficult. But there is a solution for this problem also. I have a very old pc with no motherboard cd or backup copies of the drivers. I used the software DriverScanner of Uniblue Systems Ltd. Download the software from their website, install it. The first time you run the software, it will scan your machine for missing and backdated drivers. After the scan, it will prompt you to download those missing/back dated drivers. You have to download those drivers by just clicking the download button. Its that easy. Keep the downloaded files on a cd or somewhere safe as backup copies. You will need them next time you install windows.

Hope that helps….

All the best.


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If you were to check the Device Manager, these devices would show up with a yellow exclamation mark indicating an error with the driver.

Since you don't know what these devices are, you need to check their hardware ids and do an internet search.

To get the hardware id of each device, you need to open the Device Manager.

Double click on the device in question.

Click on the Details tab. In the drop down menu, select Hardware IDs.

Under value, select the top most entry or the one that's longest.

Copy it and paste in your favorite search engine search box.

The result should tell you what the device is.

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