Wireless data card not working on XP

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Greetings everyone,

I am here with a problem of my data card. I recently bought a wireless data card which runs on CDMA 800 technology. It ran well on the shop owner's computer and gave blazing fast speed. But when I tried to run it on my computer it didn't start and shows the error message.
I used it on my wife's laptop and it ran! But the error message keeps appearing on my computer. I use XP service pack 3. Is there any problem with registry or something? I also have broadband on computer and there is no problem with that.
AppName: tataphoton+.exe AppVer: ModName: isaputrace.dll
Tata Photon+.exe
Error signature
AppName: tataphoton+.exe AppVer: ModName: isaputrace.dll
ModVer: Offset: 00001ccf
Reporting details
This error report includes: information regarding the condition of Tata Photon+.exe when the problem
occurred; the operating system version and computer hardware in use; your Digital Product ID, which
could be used to identify your license; and the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer.
Any suggestion is welcome,
Thanks in advance.
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Wireless data card not working on XP


Hello Anand kumar,

With this problem of Tata Photon Plus we recommend you to try uninstalling first the device software and restart your system then install device software again. Going back with the error appears of the PC can you give us more technical information that can be click lower part.

The basic information you have given specifies that the device Tata Photon Plus is incompatible windows XP SP 3.

We recommend this device to run in very stabile system which is windows XP SP 2 because windows SP 3 is considered as not so innovative. Although some decoded windows SP 3 may run this device but in the long run if un-proper update performs it will give you some errors.

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