Chrome Installation Error Code 0x8004070c Fixed!

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I wanted to surf the Internet as I usually did every day hence, I tried opened Google Chrome web browser. It did not open. I had no idea where the problem was occurring. So, I tried opening it again three to four times after which I uninstalled Chrome. I downloaded it again but it would not progress, and suddenly error code 0x8004070c appeared. Please provide help.

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Chrome Installation Error Code 0x8004070c Fixed!


Hi, perform all the things mentioned below to get rid of the bug:

  • Press Windows logo key and E key together to open Windows.
  • In the window that appears next, type using your keyboard (LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\) in the address bar as it is.
  • In the upcoming window, look for a folder named “Default” and name it “Backup Default”.
  • Download Chrome in the Offline mode and store it in this folder. The link to download it is specified here:
  • If anti-virus or firewall software is functioning while downloading, then Chrome might not work satisfactorily. Hence, you must deactivate this software while downloading Google Chrome.

Thanks and regards.

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