Enhancing the range of Wifi Connection

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I have a WiFi at home, and we just build a small grocery store thirty-five steps away from our apartment. 

How can I enhance the range of my WiFi connection without spending for another WiFi device?

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Enhancing the range of Wifi Connection



There are plenty of parameters to conceder to say if you will be able to receive the WiFi signal at that distance.

With or without obstacles?

With or without electromagnetic noise (like power line)? Slag walls, or "magnetic" paint are the big enemies of wireless signals, as well as mobile phones, usually the range is 100 meter in free space and 50 meter in indoor.

Hopefully, 35 steps (this will make around 35 meter) should be OK, nevertheless, make sure to use 802.11B or 802.11N.

If still not working you can use an external antenna, this will cost around $50, or can even make you are antenna if you are MYO guy.

You can have a look on this video about how to make a WiFi antenna using a soda can.

Good Luck

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Enhancing the range of Wifi Connection


Hello Elias.

Your only solution is to strengthen your current Wifi router's effective range. First make sure your wifi radio is set to 100% strength. 

You can do that through your router's admin interface. Next is to replace your antenna with something more powerful. 35 steps is pretty far away but if you have a clear line of sight between buildings, then you could use this common type of antenna used to extend the range of wifi which is the cantenna.

Here are tutorials if you want to do it on your own:



You can also buy a pre-made cantenna through here:


Hope this helps!

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