Windows strange unknown error issue

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Hi friends,

Strange things are happening in my computer. It sometimes restarts automatically. It daily for three to four times presents this message to me

unknown error in windows

Unknown error

Windows has encountered an unknown error.

The error is unknown because the guy who wrote this part of the code quit a while back and he was like really smart and the rest of us are not really sure how this works or what to do.

BTW, if you are that guy, Please give us a call and let us know what to do.


Restart Computer                            Try again                              Forget it I’ll just watch TV

Only available option is to restart the computer so I have to 🙁

I think it’s some kind of virus that is behind this sort of message but I am not sure about what antivirus to choose / use so that I can get rid of this message.

You help in either removal of this error or selection of good and free antivirus and how to use that for removal of this error is required.

Thanks for all those who are going to suggest ideas.

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Windows strange unknown error issue


Dear Stuner, as we can see you are getting some odd messages and as you described and you uploaded a picture also, it says you Windows OS getting some strange Unknown Error and it demands to Restart the computer. The Unknown error window has three buttons and only one is available for you to choose and you cannot close the window because closing window button is also disabled.

  • Windows XP may face some unknown problem but windows always generate a hexadecimal code like this one 0x80040201 of the error so that programmers can track that problem and solve that problem. But this message is not showing any message of the error so we can say this is not actually windows message. It is a virus or virus like program. You better use a good quality updated antivirus program. So that, you can stay out of all virus related problems. If you search the internet you can find many good antivirus programs available . Microsoft also provides a good quality antivirus program and it is free for Genuine Windows OS.  Go to Microsoft’s website and search for it in the security section.

Hope this article helps you


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Windows strange unknown error issue


This error message is not any part of Windows’ error messages or any part of its programming. It must be caused by some virus or malware. You can use some malware remover or antivirus to scan your system to detect and remove the malware or virus causing this problem.


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