Windows Servers WOS Varies OS/2 Support

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I need graphical user interface on my network computers to make it easier and have a user-friendly OS. Can I use OS/2 subsystem on my windows servers or any windows OS? Some of my server handled by OS/2 support and functions well. Please help me to find answer on this matter.

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Windows Servers WOS Varies OS/2 Support



You can run directly the OS/2 subsystem with Windows NT without modification. You can use the Windows NT command prompt, My Computer and the Windows NT Explorer to launch a character-based or video I/O (VIO) application or you can indirectly launch it within a Win32 or OS/2 application. You can also create a single batch file that can run any combination of MS-DOS, Windows or OS/2 programs.

In Windows 3.x, the OS/2 can either run full-screen where Windows programs would appear directly on the OS/2 desktop.

OS/2 also supports Windows 95/98 and DOS.

Take note that OS/2 is not compatible with Windows device drivers (VxDs) and applications because it can only ran the user-mode system components of Windows.

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