What’s the easiest/fastest way to make back-up

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I want to make a backup of my softwares.But don't know how.

Can you please help me with this.

Thank you

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What’s the easiest/fastest way to make back-up




Hi James,
Several ways how to make backup copies on the software you had. This are the following:
On the computer, create a partition folder which is not you primary, get all the valuable files and softwares that you have and store them on your partition. Create a secondary partition as your back-up, so that incase your primary fails or having problem in future you have already a back-up. Scan your files before you put it into your back-up. External back-up drives should be scan also. Copy and paste your folder from old location to the new destination which is your external drive. It is best to archive your files too. The last way is to save all copies on your softwares which is store on your DVDs and CDs.
Flair Bala
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What’s the easiest/fastest way to make back-up


Hi James

All you just need to do is get a pen drive or an external hard disk if your data is too large.Just copy your files into that hard disk and your data is backed up.Another way is to copy your data into a separate folder which is in the same hard disk.But you should remember that you should store the data into a different drive where the Windows operating system is not installed.This should be kept in mind because everything in the Windows drives gets deleted when you install a new version or a fresh copy of Windows.Hope this would help you.

thank you


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