Windows Security files cannot be opened

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My computer has a Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit Operating System installed on it. Recently, I was trying to open a .reg file ,but I can't open the file since windows keeps on blocking it. An error from Windows Security says:

These files can't be open.

Your Internet security settings prevented one or more files from being opened.

So what I did is, I right-clicked the file I was trying to open and click on properties for the Unblock tab, but it don't have any effect at all. I temporarily disable my UAC (User Account Control) and the AVG Antivirus I am currently using. But it doesn't have an effect. I even disable my Firewall hoping to fix the error, but it doesn't help.

I booted from Safe Mode, but I can't still open the file. My default Internet browser is Internet Explorer 8. I already disabled everything for this to work ,but I really don't have an idea what is causing this problem. I also cleared all the history and cache on my browser, but I have no luck. Does anyone have an answer for this? How can I disable the security for this? Do I need to run a system restore for this to work? Please help.


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Windows Security files cannot be opened


Dear Pamela,

There is a very easy solution that you cannot imagine that it is so easy.

I'll elaborate this in two ways:

First way:

  • Go to start menu and then control panel.
  • Then go to Parental Controls. In there, you will see your computer administrator password protected account. Click on it.
  • A dialog box will appear for the confirmation of creating standard user account and apply parental controls to it. Press ok and do it and create a new account.

Second Way:

  • Click Start menu and at the right top corner of the box, you will see a picture box. Click on it.
  • Now click on change user account control setting.
  • Place the side bar to never notify and confirm it.

Your problem is solved.

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Windows Security files cannot be opened


Thanks Adam for making things easier for me. This one works.

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