Windows Re installation error message

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                 Hi Guys. I installed windows operating system using my friends copy. I installed it successfully but one time I installed a game, and after a day I open my computer my operating system did not start. And a message says that I need to re installed windows. Do I have other choices to fix this problem aside from getting the DVD to my friend and borrow it again? Please help me.



Windows Activation

Windows must be reinstalled

An unauthorized change was made to Windows. Windows must be reinstalled to activate.

Insert the Windows installation DVD or CD into your computer to begin the reinstallation process.

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Windows Re installation error message


Hello Paul Mack,

In this case, I am sorry to say that you will just have to do a clean installation of the windows operating system again, and that means that you have to borrow the DVD from your friend again. Or you can try reinserting the serial key and see the operating system will be activated.

The problem may have occurred because you may have gone online to look for updates and then a windows update was installed that needed that get the serial key for it, or maybe the version of windows that you installed was not  genuine, it was a pirated version and when it went and updated itself online it was spotted by its developers and deactivated so that you can get a genuine copy.


Clair Charles



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Windows Re installation error message


You can repair your windows copy it is easy or if you have made some change in your system registry then you can also repair it or you can set a previous point in your window. To go to a previous point in window if you have one then you can run your computer in safe mode and then form there you can just set a restore point and your computer will be restored on a state on which it was earlier.

Also you can set a previous point for system registry recover but if the files of the window is damaged then you can repair the windows file by just making a recovery of your window and it is easy. You need to press F8 several times when you are loading your windows and then you will be able to set your windows recovery just select the option My last configuration that work Fine " form the options and it will restore your windows files and make them error free. You will be able to see you windows files as they was early.

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