Windows NT4 in control panel -system-Environment

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Hi to all,

Thinking of what to use for running an INPA software, I thought of an OBD connector.  I saw an image of a 20-pin round adapter in one of the Ads in the PDF installation manual as I was reading.  It immediately gave me second thoughts on what adapter to use.

So my first concern is what connector should I use?  Maybe using the wrong connector made all these IFH XXX errors occur.  This is just a hunch though.
Here are more details of the error.  According to my instincts, the error is caused by a faulty file location or path problems.  The EDIABASBIN folder is on Drive C and I think that it is not where it should be.  I also looked for the EDIABASINI file but I could not seem to find it.  
I saw an EDIABAS file but it has no .INI extension in it.  I have tried opening it through Notepad and it shows the details of the port configuration in Randomys instructions.  My problem now is that if this is the right file to be modified.
Below is a part of the error that has been popping up ever since.
Environment PATH
Ediabasfad c:ediabasbin in path not found
Pleaseinclude PATH
Windows 3.x, 95, 98 in auotexec.bat
Windows NT4 in control panel -system-environment
Please assist me with this.  
I am dying to find a solution. 
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Windows NT4 in control panel -system-Environment


Hi Maud!!

I have read your given question and researched for a great answer.

Please Reinstall the Ediabus/INPA by following procedure:

  • You have to define the Path variable on the computer
  • Right Click on Computer->Select Properties–>select Advanced Option–> Select Environmental variable
  • Choose Path under "systemvaribles"
  • In the "Variable value:" box, add ";c:ediabasbin" to the end of the list of folders – e.g:
  • OK > OK > OK until the system window and control panel are gone
  • Reboot (important so that Windows picks up the change to the path)
  • Install the software
  • After Unzipping Run the Instprog.exe program from the INSTALL folder
  • OK the prompting message.
  • After normal steps Select configuration "BMW Group Rectification programs UK" and click continue (this
    selection makes INPA run in English which is kind of useful!)
  • Select "complete" for EDIABAS and INPA and click continue (ignore WINELDI / NCS /
  • Select the interface cable type (the ones on eBay are “OBD” cables)
  • Confirm that you want to start the install (if you’ve previously tried and failed to install, it
    might ask you whether to delete or rename the existing install – choose Delete)
  • You should get an "installation finished" message




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