Unable to change time of screensaver.

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I am facing this problem for so many days and I am unable to resolve this. At my office, I am connected to LAN server and when I go away for sometime from my pc, it gets locked. There I want to change the timing when pc goes off to lock the screen. But i am unable to change because the option for changing time or screensaver has been disabled. Even i went to check either powersaver tab has this option to change time but it was of no use.

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Unable to change time of screensaver.


All you need to do here is to modify your registry. But make sure you modify it correctly and carefully. Let me tell you how it works. Follow the below steps:-

1- Go to START and then RUN

2- In the box type REGED32, and click OK,

3- Go to registry editor and specify the following registry key-


4- Then go to Right panel and double click SCRNSAVE.EXE

5- Now go to edit string box and type the number of seconds after which you want to start the Screensaver in the box and then press OK. For instance if you want it to start after 5 minutes every time then type 300

6- Exit from the Registry Editor

This is how you'll be able to change the time before the Screensaver starts.

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Unable to change time of screensaver.


Hello friend,

To give an answer to your question please tell me whether you are using a domain environment. are you using a domain user account ? If you are using domain user account you better check with your company administrator. if you are in a domain environment your administrator can implement lots of group policies for each and every one in the domain. 

If you have administrator privileges you can change the group policy settings with the support of web or i can help you. But if you have just a domain user account you will need to have appropriate privileges to change it. 

If you are not using domain environment check your machine group policies settings. May be due some software it can changed. You need to have good knowledge to change registry settings and GP settings.


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