Windows Mobile 6.5 software problem

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Currently I am using HTC tytn II.

I have upgraded my Windows Mobile 6 Operating System to unofficial Windows Mobile 6.5 Operating System.

Now I am facing problem that some official applications have been installed but not working, these can neither removing nor re-installing.

Give me advice how I will be able to gain benefit from these applications?

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Windows Mobile 6.5 software problem


Hey Jonny

Well first thing you need to is backup your phone,all your data on your SD card and phone memory.

Reformat your SD card and any phone memory

Then reinstall the windows mobile ROM that you had upgraded too.

If there is still a problem then it could be the ROM you used has too many bugs and glitches, it would be a good idea to try other windows mobile ROMs and see if they work. You can easily do this from a quick Google search.

If there problem still persists with other ROMs then your phones hardware may not be able to support the new ROM and it may be wise to revert back to your old one.


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Windows Mobile 6.5 software problem


Usually, in devices like this, it is not always advisable to upgrade your system every time a new version is released.

New releases sometimes still contain bugs that might cause some problems to your device.

Or, it may also be possible that the new version may not be compatible with your device even if it is really meant for your model and brand.

Since this is the current state of your phone, try restoring your phone to its factory settings. This is done by doing a hard reset on your phone.

Here’s how you can do the hard reset.

Turn off your phone then press and hold the buttons Volume Down, Talk/Send, and End/Power.

Press and hold the buttons until you see the message:

When the message above appears, release the buttons.

Press Volume Up to restore your phone to its factory settings.

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