Blackberry Desktop Manager Sync Error 0x80040fb3 and 0x8004fceb

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Hello TechyV buddies!

I am having some problem synchronizing my blackberry. When I try to synchronize my blackberry I always encounter an error message. I am using blackberry desktop manager version to synchronize my blackberry bold 9700 (os6).

The errors are these:

Confirm Calendar Edits

You can accept or reject the changes, or you can cancel the sync if you don't

want any changes to be made.

The following changes from Calendar Device will be applied to your

Microsoft Outlook data in Calendar:

5 Change(s)

The following changes from Calendar Microsoft Outlook will be applied to

your Device data in Calendar:

7 Change(s)

                                                                Details              Help

Re-Sync                                              Accept            Reject              Cancel

An error popped up “Conflict Resolution – Calendar”: After choosing any of the above options, I always end up in this error:0x80040fb3 error message and also 0x8004fceb


Error encountered. Error code – 0x80040fb3.

Check documentation.


Can anyone help me solve this problem? I don’t know what went wrong with my blackberry. I really need help here guys. Thank you!

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Blackberry Desktop Manager Sync Error 0x80040fb3 and 0x8004fceb


Hello Jose,

You will need to check out the mappings and see if the conflicts are failing only when a certain field is listed, or certain fields are listed. If that is the case, you should try the following workaround:


  • You will need to try UNmapping the field that is failing using as follows:
  • Go to Organiser and then click on Configure settings,
  • Next you click on Advanced and then Map Fields
  • And then after that you will UNmap the particular field that is failing.

In the event that you are getting an error message on the calendar sync, you will need to get rid of the "intellisync" folder and after that resync. The folder will later on be rebuilt.



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