How to perform windows easy transfer xp to 7 downloads in windows 7 OS

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Hi guys,

I recently bought a new desktop  PC in which I have installed Windows 7 O, Now the thing is that I want to transfer many data from my laptop which is running Windows XP to my desktop PC. Earlier my friend told me about a software called Windows Easy transfer which might come handy. So can anyone tell me from where I can perform windows easy transfer up to 7 downloads in my computer’s?

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How to perform windows easy transfer xp to 7 downloads in windows 7 OS


Using Windows easy transfer you can copy all your documents, Images, music, e-mail settings and much more from a Windows XP system to  Windows 7 system.


You can perform this transfer of data in three ways by removable media such as a USB pen drive or an external portable HDD, by using a transfer cable or  through

a network.

System requirements:

You can use Windows Easy Transfer to transfer files between the following Systems.

  1. a) Windows XP to Windows 7
  2. b) Windows Vista to Windows 7

Download and installation:

1) Go to the link below to get Windows Easy Transfer:

2) After opening the above link, click on download to download your installation file.

3)Download Windows Easy Transfer in both your operating systems ie on both Windows XP and Windows 7 and Run the executable file.

4) After installation open Windows Easy Transfer from your start button by typing “Easy Transfer” in the search box.

5 ) Now start transferring your files.

Note: You can transfer your files in three ways as mentioned above viz by removable media, transfer cable or through a network.

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How to perform windows easy transfer xp to 7 downloads in windows 7 OS


Yes, that’s actually possible. Using the tool, you can easily transfer your user account data and settings from Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows 7. The tool is already included as part of Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows 8. If the old computer where the files and settings will be coming from is not Windows 7, you have to download and run the tool.

To begin, download Windows Easy Transfer Tool for Windows 7. Once downloaded, run the program on your computer and just go along the steps. When you are prompted where you want to save the data, select “An external hard drive or USB flash drive” then wait while it scans your computer. You will also be prompted if you want to password-protect your files.

After the scan, save your data to your external hard drive or USB flash drive. After that, in Windows 7, connect the external drive where you saved your Windows XP data then click “Start” and then in the search box type without quotes “Windows Easy Transfer” then select it from the result. Click “Next” then select “Yes”. Navigate to the external drive and select the file you saved.

The tool will now transfer the data to your Windows 7 computer. And that’s it.

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