Windows Apps Best Recommended For Nursing And Midwifery Students

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Which of the Windows apps is best recommended for nursing and midwifery students as compared to other similar Android applications developed so far? What are the distinct features that make this app irresistible? Do they also have some common features which also be found in most Android features also serving the same purpose? Thank you.

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Windows Apps Best Recommended For Nursing And Midwifery Students



Regarding the best recommended Windows applications for Nursing and midwifery students to enhance their fields, there are a few applications built for this role. The Nurse Midwife CNM app and the Nurse Midwife CNM Exam Prep app developed by Windows OS app designer are worth sharing.

The Nurse Midwife CNM application has the following features:

  1. It runs on both PCs and mobile device.
  2. It has Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) of about 100. These questions are designed to enable you to take in the best study preparation for Nurse Midwife CNM exams.
  3. The size of this app is between 1.29MB to 1.53MB.
  4. The Nurse Midwife CNM app is designed for people with the least age of 7.
  5. This app supports x86, x64, arm and neutral processors.
  6. It only Supported language available is the United States English.

                The Nurse Midwife CNM Exam Prep app is not associated with any other institution. It is also neither indorsed by nor associated with the American Midwifery Certification Board.

The followings are some of the features:

  1. This app serving as a study tool offers you adequate preparatory materials which will equip you fully for the AMCB CNM certification examination.
  2. The 250 practical Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) seek to address the needs of nurses and midwives making a progress in their careers with CNM certification.
  3. Every MCQ is written and completely edited by experts in midwifery for Upward Mobility.
  4. MCQs touches on some vital and fundamental conceptual theories in midwifery. These include; Primary Care, Gynecology, Antepartum, Intrapartum, Postpartum, Newborn and other Professional issues.
  5. This app has an exclusive and instinctive UI, comprising of a study mode, which allows the user to define his own pace of learning. It has a test mode that assists you in assuming the feel of the exam. 6. It also works and can be run on both PCs and mobile devices.

This same Nurse Midwife CNM Exam Prep app is also available on the Android App Play Store serving the same purpose.

                 The followings are some of the applications worth considering: Davis Mobile NCLEX-RN App, Human Anatomy Atlas, Med Mnemonics, Mini Nurse app, Nursing Essentials app, Midwife Patient Tracker (beta) app, UTS Midwifery app, Med Surg II Nursing in a Flash, etc. However, I will take a few among these list.

                  The first one is the Human Anatomy Atlas App recommended for both Nursing and Midwifery students. This app is placed #1 by iMedicalApps. This is an Award winning application and is available on both Android market and Apple store. This app has more than 4,600 3D imageries of human Anatomy. Trust you me that this app is expertly built and reevaluated for exactitude. It is easy to use thus user friendly. With the inbuilt questions and quizzes available to the user enhance learning and the acquisition of knowledge on the human muscles and bones as well.

                     The second app worth sharing with is the Mini Nurse App for Android Users. This app is available solely on the Android app Store and it comprises many practicable materials for nursing students on basic nursing. There are definitions of medical terms and jargons available for users not forgetting the practical questions which help to test your knowledge based on nursing. Mind you that experienced nurses could possibly discover this very app not expedient and self-serving.

However, the followings are some additional features of the Mini Nurse app that you should know also. These are:

                     Apart from offering broad information on medical terms and jargons, it also offers info on medical abbreviations, sounds of the lung and heart, medical calculation practices, sites of subcutaneous injection, medical suffixes and prefixes among others.

  • Accessible BMI chart in BMI calculator.
  • Over 300 (and still counting) of medical terminologies than lite version.
  • Easy to use/user friendly.

                    The Midwife Patient Tracker (beta) app is meant for Midwifery students and professional to keep track of their patients. This app is used for calculating gestation weeks and postpartum weeks as well, calculations of Due Date from the day of Conception, calculation of the Due Date from LMP and it has the Calendar view summary feature too. This app is so easy to use and has a very simple UI. With a small size of 136K, it requires an Android version of at least 1.6 and it is rated 4.1.

                    The Med Surg II Nursing in a Flash app is the last one I would talk about although there are other apps worth capturing. This app is also available on both the Apple App Store and the Android App store. It comprises of over 4,700 study questions with no MCQs. The Med Surg II Nursing in a Flash app creates an easy and proficient resource tool for nursing students to learn essential contents by having a quick study period or sitting, regarding the area of nursing in progress.


In a nut shell the Med Surg II Nursing in a Flash app is meant to buttress on all the learning experiences in the classroom. The flash cards deal with general and familiar medical conditions and its medications and pathophysiology. This app, trust you me is specially developed to offer revised concepts crucial to pass your nursing exams with flying colours. These questionnaires are clustered into various chapters and subgroups to make revision very easy. One lovely feature about this app is that, it keeps track of all your progressive performances and stores them. However, in case you make an exit, the app still keeps you on track by leading you to where you left off. This app with a current Version of 4.1, it requires an Android version of at least 2.3.3 and is rated 4.0. there are alot you will encounter when you begin to use this app.

                    I would say that Windows apps designers needs to do more comparing these Windows app features to that of the Android apps. Taking the same Nurse Midwife CNM Exam Prep application software developed and found on both Windows and Android app stores, one would realise that there is a difference even in terms of graphics and UIs although they all have the same features performing same functions.

Brenda Cruise

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