How to resolve network problem in Samsung Galaxy 15801 mobile.

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Hi all mobile experts,

My brother bought a new Samsung galaxy 15801, though it was working very good from last 1 year, but now he is facing some network problem in that mobile. The network signals become blank after sometime, sometimes mobile automatically switch off. Can anyone help me in resolving this network problem in Samsung galaxy 15801 mobile.

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How to resolve network problem in Samsung Galaxy 15801 mobile.




Since your mobile phone automatically gets switched off at a random point in time, it seems to me that there is some problem with the battery. The battery life expectancy gets reduced fast if game programs are run excessively. If you see that you have charge your phone more frequently than you had to do previously, then definitely it is a battery problem. Also, try to remember if your mobile set accidently fell off the hand several times. If that happened, it might have caused some hardware components to go faulty. Or, it could be some virus that made its way into your mobile when you downloaded some software. Please have an anti-virus program scan your set. There is a good anti-virus program named ESET Mobile Security available for Android phones.

In any case, since it is a Samsung brand, I suggest you go to the nearest Samsung Service Centre and have a technical person inspect your mobile for the root cause.


Hope it helps.


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