Windows 8 is taking too long to update

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I just upgraded to Windows 8 64-bit PC. My problem is, I can't run the Windows Update. There is no error message written but the update process is taking too long to finish. So I will just need to forced close the update to stop the process. I am not sure why but upon checking on my system, I am sure that I have lots of free space and there is no issue on running it. Can someone please help me on resolving this case? Thanks a lot in advance!

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Windows 8 is taking too long to update


There are many reasons why the finalization of a Windows Update hangs or stopped on working. The most common is due to a software conflict that you have just before you run the update. Sometimes this is Microsoft's mistake and we cannot do something about it but to manually find the reason behind it.

First things first, you need to remember that there are Windows Updates that takes several minutes to configure so you need to ensure that the update stops before proceeding. If nothing happens on the screen after 30 minutes or more, or there is no activity showing, then maybe the update hangs. To fix this, try the troubleshooting steps below:

1. Press the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to end the Update process. If your computer restarted, restart your computer with the reset button or by powering it off. And then Power it on again. Check if the Windows Update will continue running again.

2. Start your computer into Safe Mode. This will load some of the drivers and services only that your computer needs so if there is a conflict with the software and the update, the installation will continue and work fine. If it installed successfully, just restart and just launch Windows normally.

3. Perform a System Restore. This will undo the recent changes you've made from the Windows Update incomplete installation. You can do this while in Safe Mode is Windows becomes inaccessible. Be sure to choose the Restore Point prior to the update.

4. Perform Startup Repair. This is to repair your Windows and allow you to launch Windows normally again.

5. Test your RAM. Failing RAM can also be a cause why the update suddenly freezes.

6. Update BIOS. Outdated BIOS is also one of the most common reason for this.

7. Perform a clean install. This will erase your hard drive and install your Windows again from scratch.

Another way is to just simply restart your computer. And alternatively, you can do the following steps:

1. Turn your PC off.

2. Hold the Window and Escape keys down Immediately for at least 3 seconds.

3. Go to Refresh the computer/system option or something like that.

4. This will take a while before it can refresh your system. So be very patient.

5. Then go to Microsoft's page and download the Windows 8 update.

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