Windows 7 VS Windows 8 which you prefer?

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Hey guys,

I want to ask that which Windows OS you like most when compared to Windows 7 and Windows 8. I have both Windows 7 & Windows 8.1 also but I find that Windows 8 look is new but hangs up pretty well and unlike windows 7. It won't hang up though you open any amount of tabs. In Windows 8.1 if I open 2 or 3 apps it'll start hanging. Is it same with you or this problem is with me only?

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Windows 7 VS Windows 8 which you prefer?



Windows is a great product by Microsoft but there are several versions and each of them have their own feature. For many reason, Windows 7 is recommended.

Windows 7 is the next successor after Windows XP. It has become so popular that about 51% of PCs run with Windows 7. There are many reasons to choose this OS.

Its interface is quite easy and clean. The UI doesn’t make user become bothered of using this interface. The transparency is quite eye-catching. The runtime is very improved, many times faster than Windows XP. Its hardware management system is also on top level. It’s the best for both personal and professional use. There are thousands of programs available for this OS. Gaming experience is also robust. Microsoft changed the definition of Windows through this edition.

The boot up performance, the system configuration is the best for stability. After Windows XP, it’s the most stable OS for every PC.

Windows 8 is one of the worst operating system, in my opinion. The runtime is faster, the UI is good but the Start menu is to be blamed. As it’s completely a new OS, there are not so much program available for this one. I think, the new Metro UI has made it flop that gained only about 8% users’ choice to be the leader of their PC.

The boot up faces quite a good problem with many machine as it uses newer techniques. The system sometimes trouble so much that the user have nothing to do but cry.

Windows 7 is so popular that Microsoft is going to be blank. So, they’re stopping support for Windows 7 on January, 2015.

The choice of Windows is yours, finally. If you’re looking for a stable, good OS that will run everything perfect for you, you should get Windows 7. If you like the new Metro UI, have mastered Windows, only then get Windows 8.

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