ACPI Compliant BSOD stop error code: 0x000000A5

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I brought a brand new Dell laptop N series N5110 with the following specs:

Processor: core i3
HDD: 500 GB
With 3 MB L3 Cache.
Problem: When I install windows 7, 64bit after complete installation and on final restart, it gives me a blue screen, stating the error message (ACPI Compliant BSOD stop error code: 0x000000A5) pertinent to mention the system works fine, when I install a 32 bit OS but it reduces the usable RAM to 3.41 GB.
What should I do to fix this problem?
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ACPI Compliant BSOD stop error code: 0x000000A5


Your problem seems to point out to a BIOS issue.

Based on some forums that I've read, it seems Windows 7 64-bit cannot run on systems that are not ACPI-compliant. On the other hand, Windows 7 32-bit can run even on non-ACPI compliant hardware. It explains why you did not have any BSOD problem with the 32-bit Windows 7.

Here are a few solutions that you can try:

1. Please download the latest BIOS, for your laptop and let us know what happens.

2. You can also try going to the BIOS and set ACPI version to ACPI 2 or ACPI 3 if there is such an option.

This here, is just an idea so your 6GB of RAM doesn't go to waste:

1. Install another 64-bit operating system such as Linux.

2. Install Virtualbox.

3. Make Windows 7 64-bit as a guest OS and assign 4GB or more of RAM.

Hope this helps.

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ACPI Compliant BSOD stop error code: 0x000000A5


It seems like the computer you are using has been designed to work well  with the 32 bit operating system and that is why when you install the 64 bit the problems you have mentioned in the question are arising. I will suggest that you stick to the windows 7 32 bit operating system, because it does not bring problems when you install it. Even though the usable memory has been reduced to about 3 GB,  that does not mean that the other memory has been eaten up.

It is still usable but with the system, and therefore you can be sure that the system is not going to be slow in its operations. What matters is that the computer operates at a speed that satisfies you and it allows you to install the applications that you need to use.

-Clair Charles


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