WinDev Mobile Application for Windows Mobile 6.x

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I am processing a WinDev Mobile application for Windows Mobile 6.x.At present I am about to compile this in VGA and add assistance on Android as well, however I cannot determine how to add the extra code for each tool.

Do I need to create through new task or else having one task with various output tools?Thanks.

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WinDev Mobile Application for Windows Mobile 6.x


Technically if you are designing an app specifically for windows mobile, there is a very little possibility that it will perform on different platforms no matter if you add the assistance for it or not.

The libraries that are being used during the creation of the application needs to be of the same category to function well. I would have gone for the new task option to add all the android support in the new task instead of integrating it with the original code for the windows mobile application.

 But there is a chance that if you are using the libraries that are same in both the android and windows mobile then you can use the second approach.

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