Factors that surrounds the beginning of Windows Mobile OS

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What are the contributing factors surrounding the emergence of Windows mobile Operating System? Windows as compared to Android and iPhone Operating System do not command a larger platform. Can one conclude that despite the rational of Microsoft venturing into the smartphone world as needless or a wrong venture based on their production and services?

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Factors that surrounds the beginning of Windows Mobile OS



Microsoft is a tech giant, no doubt. But unfortunately, they’ve failed to earn popularity on mobile OS compared to their PC OS. It’s clear that it’s one of their biggest miscarriage.

Since mobile OS, there’s been revolution with Android. Google, the creator of this great OS, has made it available open-source and free for everyone where Microsoft is selling Windows Phone’s license for a definite cost. Using free program is more effective to enlarge business, and so every smartphone user demands so. As a result, the demand of Android is now on the top.

Windows Phone are costly, compared to Android. For building every single Windows Phone, the creator has to pay Microsoft every time. They’re also unable to change the code of Windows as it’s licensed. On the other hand, Android is not only open-source, but also easy to develop and customizable. This has given the companies tremendous power to create their own customized phone very easily.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone became so flop that Microsoft had to buy Nokia to publish their Windows Phone. No other company isn’t using Windows, willingly or unwillingly. Android is being used by Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and lots of other companies.

I think, Microsoft should stop their failure history here. Only PC platform is for them, not the others.

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