. Winamp Error When loading Benito and Bigbenito skins

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I am having within Winamp installation error. I updated my windows a few days ago. Before updating the windows the winamp application was running perfectly.

After updating the windows, when I start the Winamp I cannot load skins. All the skins seem to be inactive.

The following error pops up:
Script Failure.Press left mouse button to continue.Guru Meditation #001C.003803C7.3 Null object called scripts/mainmenu.maki
I am simply not able to load Benito and Bigbenito skins. Windows7 32 bit is currently running on my system and this is the only system where winamp is creating a problem. It is running perfectly on all of my others systems.
Please do help me in finding the solution.
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. Winamp Error When loading Benito and Bigbenito skins


hi …. here is some steps that could help you to solve the problem :

1- make sure that you installed your winamp without any error while installing it.

2- make sure that you are using one of the latest version of winamp that need a specific skins that compatible with the already version you use.

3- here is the last step if all things work fine :

  Go to your winamp icon at start menu > programs > winamp > and on the winamp icon > right click with your mouse > properties > select Compatibility > on Compatibility Mood > select your OS.

you can get your winamp from programs files on your system partition too , and do the same

Try to check on or uncheck  (Disable display scaling on high DPI settings) and try to see if the problem solved after apply settings.


hope that will help …

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. Winamp Error When loading Benito and Bigbenito skins


Hello Peter,

If you have not tried uninstalling and then reinstalling Winamp in compatibility mode I will suggest that you do that, for the issue you are getting could be because of compatibility problems. Try the following:

  • Go to your system and confirm the system specifications, and then check the Winamp version that you are trying to install.
  • In case it does not match the specifications of the Windows OS you are using, you will need to go and download the right version of Winamp and then install it.
  • It may be possible that the setup is corrupt and therefore you will just need to get another one.

Hope this helps.




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