Will windows 7 operating system sales stop this year

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I heard a rumor, which I am not very sure if it is true or not, but they say that the windows 7 operating system sales will end soon, and the next focus will be on the sale of windows 8. I am planning of purchasing windows 7 for my computer but sometime this year and I want to know if this rumor is true, if so will it happen this year?

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Will windows 7 operating system sales stop this year


Windows 7 is the best OS after Windows XP, but Microsoft is going to kill it at any cost. Due to this reason, the sale of Windows 7 is going to be extincted.

Windows 7 came up with all new UI, performance improvements and much flexibility. It was perfect for gaming, working and all purpose. But recently, Microsoft released that Windows 7’s mainstream support is going to end on January 2015. This means, no more security patches, updates, support for Windows 7. Even sale will also be stopped.

If you think you’re going to buy Windows 8.1 that is recommended because its support will continue till 2018 so nothing to panic. You’re free to buy Windows 8.1. But the main problem is, Windows 7 came with better gaming performance and plenty of applications where Windows 8.1 is on a miserable situation.

I will recommend you to buy Windows 8.1. You can buy Windows 7 as there will always be software abundance for this OS.

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