Will IPhone 5 have NFC capabilities

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This may be bit of a technical question but I was wonder if iPhone 5 will have NFC. This is a short range wireless technology that allows secured communication of information and I was hearing rumors that it will be enabled on the IPhone 5.

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Will IPhone 5 have NFC capabilities


Dear Silvia,

No one can know for sure what Apple will put into the next iPhone because they haven't released any press conference to announce what will be the new features of the iPhone 5.

All people can do now is guess and follow rumors that are spreading faster and faster. This rumor, that Apple might implement NFC into their iPhone has been going around for at least 2 years now, since the first Android phones began to adopt it. Now more and more smartphones have this technology so it seems even likelier that Apple will not let their guard down and catch up with their rivals.

During the last month there have been ups and downs regarding this issue alone, so understand that I can't give you a clear answer. All i can say is that if Apple won't implement it this year, then it might be too late for them with iPhone 6. By then it won't be such a mind-blowing feature – the way Apple likes to call their improvements (even minor). So the figures are pointing to this year.

We'll just have to wait and see what Apple and the next generation iPhone will bring us.

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