Wifi security in Android phone and router

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recently, I got my monthly bill and I have been overcharged for the month for internet. I use a wifi router and I have put a password. But think someone is trying to access it without my knowledge. What are the options i have?

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Wifi security in Android phone and router


There are other ways of securing your wifi router from unauthorized access.

1.  Secure your router's administration interface.  This is usually the page that you can access by entering the IP address of your router on your web browser.  Make sure that your password is not easy to guess such as "password" or "123".

2.  Disable SSID broadcast.  Routers broadcast their SSID (the name that you see when you let your computer search for wireless networks) by default.  While it is indeed convenient when you need to connect to your router, it also makes it easy for neighbours or passers by to attempt to connect to your network.  turning off SSID makes your wifi connection invisible to other people.

3.  Change the type of security to WPA or WPA2 instead of WEP.  WEP has a known weakness that can be exploited by someone who is determined to access your WEP password.  If possible, use WPA or WPA2.  Use WEP only if you have devices that can only support WEP.

4.  If your router is compliant with iee802.11 b/g/n, disable the support for b and limit the supported protocol to ieee802.11g and n only.

5.  Use MAC address filtering to limit the devices that can connect to your router.

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