WIBU key driver not responding

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I fit a wibu key into one of the USB ports of the computer and installed it successfully.

I installed it to manage licenses. 

In spite of a successful installation of the key my system is not responding to the WIBU hardware key driver.

It keeps on giving me the following message:


formZ Installation.

Cannot find WIBU hardware key driver. Click OK to Install WIBU Driver, or Cancel to exit Installer.

Can anybody give me a clue to resolve this issue?

Looking forward to your messages

Thanks in advance


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WIBU key driver not responding


If this is the first time it happened with your device, try restarting your computer then try it again. If it still doesn’t work, try following what was stated in the dialog box you posted. Try it again then if the same dialog box appears again, try clicking the OK button to install the WIBU driver.

If clicking OK didn’t fix the problem, try reinstalling it to restore it to its default configuration and fix any corrupted files that may have accidentally developed when you previously installed it. Uninstall your device then check your computer for any possible errors. Use a disk utility application to check the system. Install it again after this and then check if this fixes the problem.

If the device still doesn’t work, maybe you are using the wrong version of its driver.

If this is the case, try downloading and installing the correct version of its driver by visiting 12d – Multimedia Resource Portal — Dongle Driver.

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WIBU key driver not responding


Hello Elyssa,

Use the following procedure to resolve the issue:

  • You will need to run the WIBU-Key Control Panel from Start > Settings > Control Panels
  • And then go to the Contents Tab, and check if the WIBU key has been be listed in the WIBU box tree under My Computer / LPT1 or / USB.
  • In case you cannot see the key, you will need to ensure that the port is enabled in the Bios, and then ensure  that if there is an option to allow the port to go to sleep, it should be disabled.
  • If it is a parallel port key, you will need to set the mode to ECP and then set the address to 378 from the Bios. Certain.
  • In the event that a USB key is not seen locally, you will need to unplug and then re-plug the key.
  • In case you get a Hardware Found Wizard, you shouldn't connect to the Internet, but you should allow Windows to Install Software Automatically.
  • In case for some reason Windows fails to find the driver automatically, you will need to go to C:/Windows / INF / wibukey.inf.




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