What would I choose:A local USB card reader over Ethernet?

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Hi and good day Techyv community friends!

I couldn’t decide between USB and Ethernet interface, we know that USB interface was less expensive than Ethernet Instruments. Also it's easier to install and most PCs have plenty of USB ports to plug-on. While Ethernet can be connected directly to a PC via Ethernet cable.

While their disadvantages were useful too. USB Instruments can only be accessed from the PC where it’s connected. While the Ethernet interface has many cables to be installed that can take much time. So what is the best to choose a local USB card reader over Ethernet interface?

Thank you very much.

Patricial Ferro


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What would I choose:A local USB card reader over Ethernet?


Hi there!

The USB interface is less expensive compared to an Ethernet interface, it is easier to install, and most computers have multiple USB slots available for use. Distance is the downside of a USB interface while an Ethernet interface can have a length of 100 meters.

Connection is always stable when your computer is connected using an Ethernet interface as well. If I were you, I will choose an Ethernet interface than a USB interface because of stability when it comes to the connection and the flexibility that we can get using Ethernet.

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