Why we will use add-ins in word 2007?

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Add-ins is one of the most important & unique option in word 2007.  Add-ins is a unique option for which office 2007 is unique than its previous version. We will use add-ins in order to add extra software with office to complete various types of work more easily. PDF creator is one of the ideal example of add-ons. thanks

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Why we will use add-ins in word 2007?


Dear Sayed,

Add-ons are those useful attachments with an application to make the application work more smoothly and reliably. There are lot of add-ons or plug-ins for all kind of applications.

MS Word 2007 supports add-ons.

Add-ons are software which increases another application's performance. You may check links below to get an idea about it:


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Why we will use add-ins in word 2007?



Add-ins are like extensions. Add-ins will increase the functionality of MS word. You can add different add-ins. Like you can install a translator add-in. that will translate one language to another. Just like that there are different add-ins available online which you can download and install. I hope this helped.


Peter Franklin

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Why we will use add-ins in word 2007?


Add-ins is an installed program designed to extend inherent facilities that purchased version of MS Word 2007 provides.

Add-ins options appears last on extreme right hand side of bars and a click on it will enable you to see different add in programs to use. A picture is attached herewith.

You can again turn it off by following steps :

1. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Word Options.

2. Click Trust Center, and then click Add-ins.

Picture of it is also attached herewith.

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Why we will use add-ins in word 2007?



Add-ins in Word as in other programs are some pieces of software that will enhance the behavior or the functionality of a specific program. They cannot run independently, add-ons are in general extensions of the program characteristics.
The power of add-ons can be measured by the multitude of existing useful or handy features that will make our daily tasks more efficient and user friendly.
Take in consideration the scientific add-ons like Mathematics Add-on. This will make you equation look great in your word document, or Chemistry: this will give you all the symbols that you need.
Definitely I like Power Word. Using this add-on you can easily do quick searches on my favorite URLs (like Wikipedia, YouTube, etc.) adding some link that I need to watch into a To-Do List Manager. Neat right?
Reaching the world of add-ons you will find a better way to "communicate" your work. I find very useful, mainly because you can search from millions of them over the net, or create a custom one that will fit your need (Here is a walkthrough from a Microsoft page: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc442946.aspx
Thank you,

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